Thursday, October 23, 2014

Upgrading Microphone

Okay so I am back and ready to go. To start off with, when I got back from my vacation, I decided once I was doing lots of unpacking, why not add my studio into the list of chores as well. I went through all my props and equipment and re-arenged it all. I did fine a lot of memorabilia like my first light set and all. It was time to let go. The lights were not working and I needed to make room for my new work. Back then I was doing nature photography. The last time I did this was when I set it up about two years ago. I do keep it neat and orderly, but I forget to throw out what is broken. With all my items organized and updated, it make preparing for this next job a breeze.

both microphones both the one that was unpainted and the one that has been used this whole time

With each shoot it is back to the basics. I had to start off with my main prop and that was a microphone. I had one this whole time but since both girls will be doing a duet, well I was in need of two microphones and so I started getting to work. I love the idea of a pink microphone and all, but when a lot of dark colors are involved and two people end up dead, well lets just say this will not fit the theme or the brand.

gathering all times needed to paint from the pain and ink to a work space
Getting Ready

The first step was getting everything together. I waned to make sure I used near perfect amounts of both ink and paint so both microphones will be similar. I am not OCD or a perfectionist but when it comes to my photography, I like it to look as realistic as possible. 

making sure the black of this new microphone will come out similar to the previous modle
Painting Microphone

After doing  small part, so far so good. The blacks look similar and I think they will go well together. I am really happy. The one lesson I learned from my previous painting, was due to all the finer details, using a coarse paint brush would do the trick. A soft bristle brush left to much paint and took away some of the details. I guess practice does make perfect as this time around went much smoother then previously. 

the small miniature microphone is no longer pink and is currently drying
Drying Microphone

By the times you will be reading this post hopefully the microphone will be all dried. As of right now they both look identical and ready to perform. Although this is fast drying acrylics, I like to keep it drying overnight just incase.

And then of course comes the real fun of clean up. Am I the only one, or is clean up a real chore? Don't get me wrong I had a lot of fun making the mess and painting but I find clean up to take much longer then getting it all set up. Oh well. Maybe I should start that now instead of pushing it off. 

I cannot wait for it to be all ready. I will be back on monday with the next stages. With all the previous delays, I am happy to be back on track and ready to shoot full time again. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

My Wonderful Vacation

Well I am finally back home. It has been a wonderful vacation thanks to my brother. I have given you a brief overview last Monday. I wanted to share a more detailed recap of my vacation. 

To start off with the rooms were stunning. It was like a luxury camp. A little bit of luxury while roughing it up. It was so rustic feeling but so luxurious it was amazing. The rooms were all set up with 10 beds and dressers for each person. Although it was one large specious room, each bed was separated by a partition. In the corner was a large separate room for the parents. The bathrooms were blue with stunning tiles and ceiling was very modern but at the same time had the rafters exposed giving it a rustic log cabin feeling.

The grounds were stunning. It was like living on a farm. In addition to the camels and lamas, there was a bunny farm and peacocks running around. The best part was the horses. There were trails to go horse back riding. The scenery was just breathtaking.

I know we were surrounded by animals but we could not help going to the zoo. Actually I am really not sure we had a choice. After all we were in the middle on nowhere. One was fairly close but the other was a real travel; about an hour by car. My two nephew were with us for those trips. It worked out well. A zoo is something that entertained kids of all age levels. 

We also did a lot of walking. I think one day we walked close to four miles. We were far from civilization so that was nice. During down time, we did what we do best and played Board Games. On the second half of our journey a boys group appeared. It turned out to be some sort of outreach retreat. Although there were mostly young boys with older counselors, there were plenty of families to help create a warm environment. I am very into volunteering at home so having this opportunity for my girls was just amazing. They were able to vacation, spend time with the family and volunteer as well.  A win-win for all.

Since it was mostly boys, my girls bonded well with the daughters of the staff. It was fun. One of my family members came up later and brought a new game. My girls loved it so much they shared it with their new friends. I guess you can say that family game night is all the time for us. I think it is a great way to bond and spend quality time together. It seems it is also a great way to make new friends.

Overall our vacation was one of a kind. My brother won a trip. He had no idea what to expect and we had less of an idea what we were getting into. At the end of the tip, I have to say, it was one designed to rough it up, but filled with such luxury that my girls did not want to leave.

As a matter of fact, I wanted to go home Saturday so we can prepare for school on Sunday. My girls were having such fun, it was hard to convince them to leave so we had to compromise. We drove straight through the night on Saturday so they can spend some of Saturday having fun. On Sunday I let them sleep in but the rest of the day was spend unpacking and getting ready for school. It was hard getting into routine after such a wonderful retreat. 

Our vacation will stay with us for a long time. I turned out, two of the girls my girls met, live less then a ten minute drive. Considering the group was from all over the place, that was amazing coincidence. I always try to take a lesson away from every event in my life and this vacation is clear. Always open your hearts because you never know where you friends will come from. I have always tried to live like this but it is hard to know what your girls will pick up on. I am thrilled that they now have two new friends. In a technology based era, it is important to have quality human relationships. 

As much as I miss having my bed made every day and luxury meals served to me daily, it is really nice to be back. Fantasy cannot last forever. Now back to reality.

Reality means, I will be back twice weekly. You cannot get rid of me that fast. I will be back on Thursday with the next step of my photography project. I do not have much to share now but I can tell you my props are all in order and I can take it to the next level. 

How has you week been?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Middle of My Vacation

So those of you who have friended me on Facebook know that my girls were really tired Saturday night. We had so much fun, and non stop activities that they just went to sleep early. For my girls to ask for bed, this was amazing.  It was so cute. We got back and they just collapsed in bed. I took that opportunity to share a little something about our vacation.

From day one, we have done a lot of walking. We are in the middle of no where so major tourist attractions are very limited. I think one day if I am correct we walked for close to four miles. That is far for a 7 year old but it was fun. When we got back, all they wanted was a nice long shower. Who am I to take that away from them. Like I said, they are easy to please.

Since most of my family is together, we packed some board games. There were some Board Games for the Kids. Of course when they kids were sleeping, I had some Games for Adults. I also included some Solitary Games, just incase someone needed alone time. Thankfully they were not needed.

Like I said there was not much to do as far as touring but we did manage to see a little. Some of the adults and all the kids took a trip to a local zoo. When I say local, well it was a nice drive but well worth it. The kids had a lot of fun.

Another thing they just adore is hanging out in the park. It is getting colder but not cold enough to hold them back. They look so adorable running around in their colorful sweatshirts.

Overall we are having such fun. My nephews joined us but only for a short time. A few other of my family members unable to join due to work will be coming later on this week for a day or two. My girls are so excited. We are having so much fun and it is only going to get better.

I cannot wait to share more with you when I get back. By the looks of it, we will be leaving either Saturday or Sunday. I am aiming more for Saturday. I would love to spend the day driving this way on Sunday my girls can get ready for school.  They have been vacationing for a little over a week now and I think they have some school work to catch up on.

Although we are having all this fun, I want to take a moment to wish you all a very happy Columbus Day.

Columbus was not only a hero to the US, but it was because of him that lead to lots to new discoveries especially when it came to exploration and the new world.

Does you country celebrate Columbus day?
What are you doing in honor of the holiday?

Well bye for now. I am heading in for some shut eye before the girls wake up for more fun. I promised them this would be a mostly unplugged weekend. I just wanted to stop bye and say hello. I hope you are having a wonderful week. Unplugging now. See you all Monday.