Monday, September 15, 2014

100th Post

This is so exciting for me because this is my 100th post. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to blog for this long. 

I am not about to forget all of you. You have made my posts all the more enjoyable. Writing the posts and taking the photographs is only part of the fun. It is all of your support and feedback that encourages me to keep on writing and creating. 

This has been a wonderful year so far and I cannot wait to see where the next 100 posts will lead. 

To recap some the past 100 posts, here are my highlights:

Bag of Legs:

Nope. No one knows who left them or where they came from but with more then 3 left at the dumping sight, we can assume there is a serial killer on the loose.

mysterious bag left chained together only to discover a bag of severed legs

the chain mysteriously falls off the mysterious bag  but the severed legs have yet to be discovered

oh my the bag falls over the some of the bloody severed legs have fallen out

now all in the open the blood starts dripping off the severed legs so we can assume the kill was very recent

And lets not forget the head guy. 

Head Menagerie:

Just thinking about him makes me sick. He is not like most killers. He has no type and kills at random. Although most of his killings are from the younger age group, by the looks of it, he has killed at least one older women. If not caught, who knows aha the future will bring? 

a whole bunch of severed heads carefully preserved without a trace of who did this or where they came from

From this gruesome killing, it was off to the concert series. 

Death Through Music:

I know. Who knew music can be such a killer. Then again just listen to the different genres and the title says it all. I have only touched upon two killing genres but there is more to be discovered. If you don't way to take my word for it, check out youtube.

I stared this musical exploration though…

Death Metal:

Just take a look at the title. it kind of says it all. Here is how my interpretation came out. 

poor girl strangled alive by her love for death metal

This poor little lady did not even stand a chance against this killer guitar. Look how it even went for her vocals as that is what makes death metal what it is.

If that was not enough, rock n' roll comes into the picture.

Rock n' Roll:

It may sound like a nice genre, but if you think about it, rocks can make one good weapon of choice for killing.

this poor concert singer got killed for her love for rock n roll

Although we did not go with a rock, we still went with the roll. Her twisted little body dangling from the guitar. 

And now we are back tracking to the beginning  The beginning where it all started. My next photo shoot will be all about the actual concert and then we will have some fun in the dressing room. 

With all this excitement and action in only 100 posts, I cannot wait  to see where the next 100 posts will take me. 

Thank you all for your support. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Idea 1: The Concert

After going over all the plans for my ideas, I thought I would start off with my first idea and work to the very beginning. As it is, we have already shot their deaths so I will go back and do a concert.

It is not uncommon in concert for two soloist in concert to do a duet together. Since it usually is for one song, they are really happy to perform a duet. I think it will be really interesting to see how they do. Mixing genres can be both risky and fun. 

I am very excited to get going. I have a lot of planning to do in the mean time. For now, I will be sticking to finding the best set design that follows and fits with my previous shots. 

My little models are really happy to do this. Beats being tortured for days on end hanging from a guitar or hung by one two. 

I will have more details available Monday.

I hope you all have exciting plans for this weekend. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Final Decision for 2 Ideas

I have been thinking about which of my 2 ideas will end up with the final shot and both ideas not only sound good to me, but I see a lot of you like both ideas as well. Instead of spending more time deciding which idea is better and which one to end up shooting, I will probably end up shooting both.

With 2 great idea for a photo shoot, I will now have to choose which one to do first.

For more information about my two ideas, check out last weeks post.

I will be back later this week to let you know which of the two ideas I will end up shooting first. I am so excited my brain is flooded with ideas.