Friday, April 24, 2015

Artist Statement

Living in a big city with my parents and siblings I had a great childhood. After graduating high school, I enrolled in a pre-nursing program. While taking my science courses, I tried out many different art electives, from computer graphics and painting to my passion which is photography. Nothing in my past and present life would have suggested the creation of BloodCrave Photography.

Since nursing was no longer in my future, I transferred schools and started working toward my BA in Photography. When heading out into the field to photograph nature and children on the side, I was assigned an interesting essay. My professor suggested that we all research and write an essay featuring five new photography genres we were unaware of. It really intrigued me to see a few photographers using toys and dolls as their main subjects. I was captivated by how dolls can hold a pose for days, will not run late for a photo-shoot and are cost effective. I had to try photographing dolls.

The dolls turned out to be a real success; I loved what I was doing. In a later class I was brainstorming some ideas for a big projects I had coming up. I had so many happy ideas with positive endings, but when I shared the ideas with my professor he said: “ All of your ideas are good but, I’ve noticed that you make real art when you add blood and death.” From this day forward, I started exploring the darker side of my imagination. He was right.

I do not consider myself a creepy person although my art suggest it to others. I am a fun loving person who enjoys educating children of all abilities. Art is just an extension of my imagination taken to a whole new level and captured in one frame. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I have creating it for you.

Monday, April 20, 2015

3 Tips for Shooting in Water Through Glass

As you all know, my upcoming project will be shot in a water setting. I have a large glass tank to hold the water and this can be really trick. If you have tired shooting a glass of wine, you know how annoying the light reflection can be. Here are some tips I have been experimenting with in my studio and yes they have worked. 

  1. Have the lights in the back of the glass. This may sound storage, but if you place the lights in the back of the glass, you are illuminating your setting without any of the actual light being in the way of the photo shoot. One tip you should make sure is the lights are not facing your lens. You do not want a glare
  2. If shooting from behind is not an option, this can be due to objects in the way, light from above. You can always choose to place a light above the main object and have it reflect down. This creates a really nice effect in water.
  3. If you are really tech savvy, you can get waterproof lights and hide them in the water. For example I will be using gravel, I can hide the lights in the gravel and have only the rays peeking through. 
No matter the effect you are trying to create, photographing through glass can be really tricky. Both glass and water does strange things to light so make sure to leave lots of time to experiment.

Have you ever shot through water or glass? What was your experience like?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Next Project Using Water

So I plan on photographing something that has to do with an elaborately detailed set up that is in water. Believe it or not, I am just waiting for some algae to grow. I know it sounds all gross and all but I am waiting to get the green slime perfect. Of course before I start, I need to have all the different parts so the algae will grow evenly. 

Talking about algae and next assignment I have a really exciting announcement. Next week, I would like to share with all of you my artists statement. You have all been really great in following me I would like to share a little something special with all of you. My work is a huge part of me and sharing my artists statement with all of you sometime next week is my way of showing my appreciation. 

As you can tell I am not a writer so this will take a lot of time to get it perfect but I am getting pretty close. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Between my photography and writing, I will be super busy.

Do you and your families have any fun plans?