Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Holiday… Don't Forget the Photography Contest

Yahoo. It is that time of year again when everyone is so happy. I love dressing up and pretending to be someone I am not. As much as we prepare, something usually silly happens. Silly and funny that will bring us all to laughter. 

This year I will be hosting a photography contest

If you have a photograph of your child in costume doing something funny or silly, feel free to send it to me. I will be posting the photographs on both my blogs next friday November 7th.

The rules are simple. Snap a photograph that makes you gigle and e-mail it to

If you would like, add a caption. 
In addition, if you have a blog let me know, I would love to share that with the photograph.

I hope you all have a lot of fun this holiday season. 

What are you planning on dressing up as?

Monday, October 27, 2014

Making Friends

Before I do any work, I think it is really important for the cast and crew to get to know each other. Although time and money often get  in the way, when possible, I think some face to face meeting is super important. After all everyone is a total stranger so a meet and greet usually helps make the process   super smooth. 

both my friends are getting to know each otehr before the actual photography shooting starts
Making Friends

For this next project, both my Death Metal friend and my Rock n Roll friends were available for a meet and greet. They are getting along so nicely I am looking forward to this next photo shoot. Just look at how relaxed they are. Just sitting and chilling deep on conversation. I wonder what they were talking about. 

my little models caught me red handed taking there photographs while deep in conversation
Caught Red Handed

It must have been really private because when they saw the camera pointed to them, they were not so thrilled at me. Just look at the way both of them are glaring. Sorry buddies but I am always looking for the next best shot and this is one of them.

I hope they forgive me. 
Do you think they will?

After all the whole point of this was to create friendships so the course of the shooting will be nice and smooth. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Upgrading Microphone

Okay so I am back and ready to go. To start off with, when I got back from my vacation, I decided once I was doing lots of unpacking, why not add my studio into the list of chores as well. I went through all my props and equipment and re-arenged it all. I did fine a lot of memorabilia like my first light set and all. It was time to let go. The lights were not working and I needed to make room for my new work. Back then I was doing nature photography. The last time I did this was when I set it up about two years ago. I do keep it neat and orderly, but I forget to throw out what is broken. With all my items organized and updated, it make preparing for this next job a breeze.

both microphones both the one that was unpainted and the one that has been used this whole time

With each shoot it is back to the basics. I had to start off with my main prop and that was a microphone. I had one this whole time but since both girls will be doing a duet, well I was in need of two microphones and so I started getting to work. I love the idea of a pink microphone and all, but when a lot of dark colors are involved and two people end up dead, well lets just say this will not fit the theme or the brand.

gathering all times needed to paint from the pain and ink to a work space
Getting Ready

The first step was getting everything together. I waned to make sure I used near perfect amounts of both ink and paint so both microphones will be similar. I am not OCD or a perfectionist but when it comes to my photography, I like it to look as realistic as possible. 

making sure the black of this new microphone will come out similar to the previous modle
Painting Microphone

After doing  small part, so far so good. The blacks look similar and I think they will go well together. I am really happy. The one lesson I learned from my previous painting, was due to all the finer details, using a coarse paint brush would do the trick. A soft bristle brush left to much paint and took away some of the details. I guess practice does make perfect as this time around went much smoother then previously. 

the small miniature microphone is no longer pink and is currently drying
Drying Microphone

By the times you will be reading this post hopefully the microphone will be all dried. As of right now they both look identical and ready to perform. Although this is fast drying acrylics, I like to keep it drying overnight just incase.

And then of course comes the real fun of clean up. Am I the only one, or is clean up a real chore? Don't get me wrong I had a lot of fun making the mess and painting but I find clean up to take much longer then getting it all set up. Oh well. Maybe I should start that now instead of pushing it off. 

I cannot wait for it to be all ready. I will be back on monday with the next stages. With all the previous delays, I am happy to be back on track and ready to shoot full time again.