Monday, March 30, 2015

Final Dressing Room Shot

After much hard work, I finally have the final shot. Yay.

As you can see everyone is so busy getting ready. The girls are doing their final touches making sure their hair is all ready. The producer is talking to some of the other staff members making sure there will be no issues on set and the tech guy is in the back double checking all the settings on his camera. Looks all good to go.

I will be back on Monday with a very special post. I cannot wait to see you all there. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Touching Up

As this is the final dressing room shot, everyone is really busy doing what they need before the perforce that ends it all.

Well everyone except the producer. I guess she is taking some time to relax before opening night. I guess she has put so much time and effort, a two second breather never hurt anyone.

Tech Guy

This is where he comes into shine. He has to make sure everything will be working smoothly from the microphones to the video camera and sound effects. I hope he did a good job. 

As for the girls, well their voices are all warmed up and now they need to make sure they are visually pleasing. 

Death Metal

While there is not much to the death metal besides the goth clothing, she wanted to add a bit of bounce to her bangs. I do not blame her. She has a little wavy hair and some extra bounce will just make the concert all the more fun.

Rock n' Roll

Talk about bounce, here we have it all. With the upbeat music that Rock n' Roll provided, my little model is actually touching up her hair a bit to tone it down. A bit of hair spray on a brush might do the trick. Big hair big personality.

This concert is going to be amazing. I cannot wait to show you a behind the scene shot on Monday. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Final Date Set

So far so good. Everything is running according to schedule. The dressing room look amazing and the girls are happy. I am so happy to finally announce to all of you a final shoot date. I feel like this is well overdue. 

I will be revealing my final image on Monday March 30th. 

I would like to thank the help of my tech guy and producer for helping me come up with this date. They were the ones who really helped get everything moving. 

monster high dolls
Finalizing Shoot

As you can see here, they are really deep into conversation making some of the last minute arrangements. They were working on the studio as I was adjusting the lighting. They are great. 

I will be back Thursday with some of sneak peaks and updates.