Thursday, November 20, 2014

Doll Photography Studio Challenges

Most of the time, I post about all the fun I have here in my studio. It is so true. I love what I do and I do what I love. I know many people cannot say that but I am fortunate enough to have such a wonderful job. 

This week, I did face a few challenges and I would like to share them with you.

My main challenge was posing the girls. Usually when I do a one doll image, it takes time but getting the doll to stand and pose is workable. I have not really worked with two larger dolls in the past and it was very challenging.

dolls in photography studio falling down
Dolls Falling
I know you are probably thinking they are posting dead but they are not. Yes this is what my studio looked like for a while. Basically when I pose one doll, she stands. The slightest movement will make her fall as she usually is not all the stable. When I finally got one doll to pose and tried to add the second, she would fall and knock the other over. It tried really hard to get them both to stand but it just did not work. 

It took me a few days and lots of hours to realize I need to be creative and creative I was. I placed my reflector pole across the top of the setup and got some black thread. 

dolls in photography studio hanging from thread
Hanging the Dolls

I cannot believe I am saying this but I hung the girls up by the neck during a live performance. It worked… well sort of. They looked a little drab but at least they are standing and staying.

dolls in photography studio posing in a live concert
Dolls Posing
With some time I did get a few neat poses out of them. None of them are close to the final shot but at least I am making progress. I am really excited to continue over the weekend straight through next week. 

The new step will be a little extra editing. I will need to make sure the black string is not interfering with the final shot. I am not to worried this time as it is black on black. Adobe has really advanced it's software so this will give me a chance to play around with it a little.

Until Monday then. 

Any exciting weekend plans?

Monday, November 17, 2014

My Girls Practicing their Music

I am finally ready to shoot this concert. With all the excitement I had over the past week, I thought this photo-shoot would not happen. 

Before I get ready for a major shoot, I like to have my girls get into the mood so they will perform better. Since they are singing in a concert, they each selected a song and had a little sit down on stage. It was so cute to see the differences in the genres and how they enjoyed the different music. 

Rock n' Roll:

Death Metal:

We will be seriously shooting starting tomorrow. Yay I am so happy that everything is starting to look good. I will have some sneak peaks to share with you this Thursday.

As for now, I hope you enjoy all this fun music.

Do you have any favorite song?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mother Knows Best

It has been a long adventurous week. Between my girls trying to set up the backdrop and then the lighting stand falling on them, they just needed a break. I do not blame them. They look so tire dan exhausted, I had to give in.

When they asked me to give them the day off, instead of getting mad, I just broke out in song. It reminded me of "Mother Knows Best" from "Tangled". If you are not familiar with the song, here it is.

The only difference between me and this, my girls have a say in what they want :)

If you cannot see the video, click here

Have you ever had a time when your kids did not listen?